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Hello friends, and welcome!

First of all, I would like to share with you my satisfaction by writing about architecture and civil engineering, on the same way its effects in our life and in our jobs

I’m graduated in Business Administration and Civil Engineering and I have a diploma in Customer Service in Toronto, Canada. I developed my professional career managing large projects and teams at renowned companies in Brazil. Currently, as Arkhē partner, I work as operational management of business activity in order to ensure the projects fulfillments and works that are on our responsibility.

Here on the blog we will talk about various topics, in the most diverse areas of construction, although I believe that in this first moment we need to understand about the current overview of this segment in the market.

Who never heard these phrases:

– Construction always gives a headache!
– The work construction never gets the deadline!
– My construction broke the budget!
– The quality of the work was not as I expected!

The most interesting thing is when I question someone who said one or more of these phrases, if they hired an architect or civil engineer to design and execute the work, and almost always the answer is no.

For those few who have hired, I ask if they have researched in advance about the company or professional and if they sought references from previous services, and the overwhelming answer is also no.

I believe that through knowledge about the advantages of hiring a professional in architecture and engineering, we work with higher quality standards, on time, and investing only what was predicted before beginning of the work.

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A big hug and see you soon!


Cleber Ely Möller
Arkhē Architecture and Engineering



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