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Today’s topic is “home office”, an English expression, that means work at home! This work style has a few advantages like comfort, flexibility, quality of life, budget, sustainability, where, normally, the main thought is organization and practicality.

Thus, as we talk a lot about it, turning your home into your work environment has been and remains a reality in pandemic times.

The first tip, I advise is, to choose the location and define the space to be used, see how to adapt it or assemble all new. The ideal is to be comfortable, preferably in a naturally-bright place and structure that meets the need of those who will use! Therefore, your well-being is essential in the workplace!












The arrangement and comfort of the furniture will influence the most profitable and productive working hours and will result in more concentration and encouragement for better efficiency in completing the work to be carried out.

Now, let’s get into a few tips for a perfect “home office”:

• An ergonomic chair whose backrest has a shape and curvature that fit your body, avoiding physical pain, like the common back pain, since it is where you will be for long hours;
• The desk can be between 54 cm to 74 cm, depending on your height;
• Adequate lighting more directed at the desk and also in the room. To avoid the reflex on your computer screen, the ideal is to the light locks are peripheral and not the front of the screen. A few inches of distance will already make a difference;
• Organize the material on the desk, for better visualization, using the space will also help in the optimization. There are kits in stationery stores with pencil holders, paper clips, cards, documents, waste bins, all in different materials.
• For larger materials, place organizing boxes above the counter on shelves for easy access;
• Wallboard for quick reminders is very common both as a decorative item and to assist you in an organization. In stationery stores, you can find several models, materials and different sizes that suit your taste;
• And, if there is space, a drawer to store folders and other usual items, will complete this important space for every professional!
• Working from home suggests getting more comfortable. So, as a tip, it’s nice to have a rug under the chair, to be barefoot, a back cushion and even a knit blanket or with comfortable fabric;
• Extra charm is small vases with natural flowers arranged on the countertop, niche or shelf that you choose, to humanize the space.

I wish you all a good job, and stay safe at home!

See you later!

Ana Beatriz

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